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Comprehensive, winery smart accounting.

Ingio's vinBalance handles all of the daily work of payables, receivables, payroll, inventory and general ledger reporting. In the course of performing daily work, vinBalance also gathers all data needed for winery tax reporting and sales analysis.

  • Accounts Payable. vinBalance gives you the ability to apply costs to bulk wine while creating an accounts payable bill. There is no need for multiple entries of the same data.
  • Sales Order/Receivables. Sales terms and government tax reporting requirements are complex and can be error-prone. VinBalance tracks sales by geographic tax area and prompts for the information needed to prepare accurate tax reports. Extensive sales reports provide a complete analysis of sales patterns. vinBalance also supports complex pricing structures and wholesaler sales rebates.
  • Inventory. vinBalance tracks the alcohol tax category and gallonage information effortlessly. Products can be sold in multiple units of measures, from splits to 750's to magnums. You may easily view product availability at multiple warehouses. Extensive inventory reports can be printed as of a specific date. With the aid of vinBalance, there is no need to stop work on the last day of the month to compare inventory counts.
  • Customers and Sales. Customer sales are tracked by their sales type for tax reporting and by customer type for more in-depth analysis. vinBalance handles complex pricing structures and wholesaler rebates. Easy to use screens allow for streamlined entry of distributor sales.
  • Payroll. Payroll allows you to have employees work multiple jobs and tracks the workman's compensation rates for each job type.
  • General Ledger. vinBalance builds on an already flexible general ledger system to establish a focused account structure suited to wine cost accounting. A system of paired direct/re-distribution accounts allows for allocation of costs to in process inventory.


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