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Advanced Features

The right fit for the next step.

Ingio is ready for wineries that have grown beyond humble beginnings and who need powerful tools to maintain the quality and service demanded in a competitive environment. Expanding markets, product strategies and added staff mean that you need more access to your information. Our advanced features represent that step to a full server based system with all the power that attends.

Here is what you get:

  • All the core features. Everything you see in our core features. And so much more. Look at the features, sample screens and sample reports to get a feel for the power of the Ingio system. Contact us for samples of any of the hundreds of reports or for an on-line demo with real data.

  • Unlimited user configurations. As your staff grows, you need the flexiblity of multiple users, each with highly customized job responsibilities. Ingio gives you complete control over menu security. You can even configure a job-split so a single person can work part time in the tasting room and double as the payables clerk. They see only the menu options and data you decide. Add more users at a very economical cost.

  • Anytime, anyplace. The Ingio platform allows a Remote Desktop connection to your server from any place that has an internet connection. Traveling on business? Connect remotely and work just as if you were back at your desk. Adding a sales manager in a distant urban area? They can work seamlessly with only a basic internet connection.

  • An up-to-the-minute system with premium support. Ingio constantly updates with new features and functions. Ingio subscription users pay a single, economical monthly fee that includes enhanced version updates (usually two or more per year), free basic e-mail support and remote server connection support. Annual payroll tax updates are also included at no extra charge with your subscription.

  • Training and support. Ingio is the tool for well established wineries with sophisticated business practices. Training and support services are by experienced people who know your business. You pay only for the training and support that you use, at competive hourly rates. Cost effective data conversion services are available to bring your existing data on-line as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Affordable hardware. The Microsoft SQL Server database engine can run on nearly any modern server hardware. Your existing server might well be sufficient. The most effective option for purchasing Microsoft SQL Server is as a part of the Small Business Server package. In most cases the computer already at your desk will work just fine for user stations. POS hardware is industry standard. We can recommend a typical Dell POS configuration.

  • Room to grow and grow. Your database size is limited only by the disk capacity of your server. Further, you may add additional company databases to support other business ventures. There is no additional charge for running multiple company data sets on a single server.



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