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Report Samples

Hundreds of reports provide the information you need
to answer every question about your business, your products
and your customers. Notice the careful design that makes
essential information easy to find and easy to read. 

Complete detail of every cost item of every lot gives you
a tool to control costs and make better wine:

reports bulk cost

A full suite of general ledger and banking reports help you control cash:

Reports Bank Rec

Know your inventory status at every step of the way. A comitted report makes sure you never over-sell:

Rep com inv

Understand which sales staff have the best skills to reach your customers:

rep order totals

Which products are producing the best margins? With Ingio you know in an instant:

rep margin rep

Every drop of wine in your cellar has complete origination records:

rep lot orig

End of month inventories are easy with detailed inventory by warehouse:

rep inv warehouse

The Ingio system summarizes every taxable event onto a single page for ease of reporting:

rep baft

Point of sale day end summary report give a clear view of tasting room results.

rep posdayend

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