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E-commerce and order fulfillment.

"Best in class" is Ingio's approach to e-commerce. Our vinOrder interface connects seamlessly with the ground-breaking FORT e-commerce engine. You won't be able to tell where FORT begins and Ingio ends. But you will notice new customers and expanded sales opportunities.

  • Smooth E-Commerce. E-commerce orders on your FORT-powered web site automatically flow in to the vinBalance accounting system.
  • Customer Relationships. Unified customer records across tasting room, wine club and e-commerce sales keep you in touch with sales trends.
  • Smart Fulfillment. Coordinated order fulfillment with FORT connected regional warehouses.
  • Power Shipping. FORT shipping tools let you choose and track the best carrier for any order.
  • Three Tier Leverage. FORT's 3-tier network partners expand your distribution.
  • Compliance Confidence. Sophisticated compliance checking moves your product smoothly across the nation.
With the Ingio-FORT team, you have sales power that was previously availble to only the largest wineries.


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