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Cellar Work

Winemaking may be an art but it is also a complex manufacturing process.

Ingio's vinBalance understands winemaking. It knows the daily operations that can be a record keeping nightmare. Streamlined operations entry screens make it easy for the winemaker to keep an accurate record of lots as they progress through the dozens of steps from field to glass.

As a by-product of recording daily operations with vinBalance, the winemaker is relieved of the burden of tracking originations, blends and operational history. vinBalance manages the details, freeing the winemaker to concentrate on the end product.

  • Flexible Cellar Planning. vinBalance adapts to your work style. You can mix and match work planning to meet the needs of the day:
    • Schedule work orders in the morning with
      fast end of day confirmations,
    • or record cellar operations as completed
      through out the day,
    • or carry your customary clip board and
      record work completed the next morning,
    • or some of each style. You are in charge.
  • Winery Operations. A whole day's worth of cellar operations can easily be entered in just a few minutes. A single streamlined entry form gathers every detail of barrel/tank movements, additions, analysis and blends. There are no complicated procedures to memorize, vinBalance guides you step by step through the details of each cellar operation. A mock blend report is always just one button click away. You can even define the vocabulary of winery operations to match your winemaking style and product mix. Every winery operation is as simple and powerful as possible, you can even record complex multiple press fractions in a single operation.
  • Lot Browser. Any lot can be analyzed for its operational, analysis or additive history. The Lot Browser displays both current and historical lots in a single, easy to user form. Look back in time to previous vintages for fast historical comparisons. Re-print any work order for a detailed picture or operational history. Watch step by step as lot composition changes through sucessive blends.
  • Vineyard Block Planner. Late summer harvest planning is a snap with the Vineyard Block Planner. Record planned harvest details, make observational notes and even compare with records from prior vintages. Information rich reports let you carry comprehensive block history on your clip board as you make pre-harvest visits.


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